Flash & Multimedia Development

A Flash animation is basically developed to add liveliness and create user interests. A Flash banners or flash intros are basically used in a website to convey the business philosophy or to present the products details. A flash video can also be used to explain complex technical functionalities, which would otherwise be difficult to be explained with words. A picture speaks a thousand words, so imagine what a video speaks, and this is what a website needs to do, explain more in less time.

Flash Banners & Intros

A Flash Banner is basically used to add attractiveness to a particular website. It is generally placed on the header portion of the website. It may either be static, which has a basic image and/or text animation playing on the banner or dynamic in nature, which may have a certain level of interactivity on mouseover and clicking. A Flash Intro is basically the animation playing before a visitor enters the site. This intro provides an insight about the company and plays a very important role in communicating what the website/company is all about.

Flash Videos & Product Presentation

A Flash Video is often used to communicate certain details about the company, which are technically complex in nature and can be well explained using a video presentation. It can also be used to show certain clipings about the company, with special effects.